Programmatic Direct Buy-Side Platform

First-Impression Buy-Side is the first of its kind, programmatic-direct RTB self-serve cross-device Display and Video platform. First-Impression Buy-Side allows advertisers to take full control of their campaigns while still accessing our always premium, direct-from-publisher inventory. Unlike other Buy-Side Platforms, which offer mainly non-premium inventory, First-Impression Buy-Side offers the same above the fold, first-through-fifth impression placements on comScore Top 1000 sites that engage:BDR is known for. Since it was built by experienced marketers, First-Impression Buy-Side offers the granular targeting, tracking, and reporting needed to help our clients make the most of their spend, along with an expert support team to advise when needed. By leveraging real time buying, First-Impression Buy-Side gives media buyers the full control to maximize the value of an impression.

Emphasis on Excellence

Our certifications have proven excellence.


Vast scale that has been ranked #1 in the programmatic space by comScore, hitting 97% of US Internet users


Third-party audited and certified to IAB standards for click measurement, web impression measurement, rich media, digital video commercials, and mobile web ad measurement, ensuring that our technology is of the best possible caliber


Third-party audited and certified against the 3MS standard for Viewable Impressions

Product Features

First-Impression Buy-Side has the carefully selected inventory, targeting, and reporting you need to maximize the returns from your campaigns

Self serve real time bidding

Build, target, manage, and optimize your campaigns in real-time with our simple self-serve platform

Buy Across Channels

First-Impression Buy-Side allows you to buy cross-device display/video inventory, all within one platform, to create fully integrated campaigns

Maximum Reach and Scale

Access vast inventory from premier mobile and online ad exchanges, as well as inventory piped in directly from our premium ad network

International Inventory

Leverage our international reach to make your campaigns go global

Viewable Impressions Available

Ensure eyeballs on ads by utilizing a feature that optimizes sites by rates of viewability, measuring viewing time to a human user and weeding out bot traffic


Utilize our granular targeting capabilities, which include geotargeting and behavioral targeting


Drive your message home, using retargeting to capture your interested audience and serve them further ads as they travel around our vast network

Mobile Specific Targeting

Take hold of the mobile market by targeting mobile inventory by platform, make and model, device, and carrier

Expert Team

Our team of specialists are here to help you build and execute profitable campaigns

Video Inventory Available

Utilize First-Impression Buy-Side to purchase high-performing linear in-stream video

Measure ROI by Placement

Maximize your ROI with placement-specific tracking

Key Differentiators

First-Impression Buy-Side is starkly different from most Buy-Side Platforms on the market, characterized by an emphasis on intuitive user experience and proven results. What sets us apart?

  • Part of a proprietary RTB Marketplace, which houses a symbiotic Buy-Side Platform, Sell-Side Platform, and Ad Server
  • Pioneer of programmatic-direct
  • Cross-device Display and Video inventory
  • Premium and non-premium inventory are both available to meet the needs of brand and results-driven marketers in a single platform
  • All top-tier supply partners are integrated, including our own programmatic-direct Sell-Side Platform
  • Vast scale that has been ranked #1 by comScore
  • Self-serve functionality gives user the ability to optimize campaigns in real time, with API available for trading desks
  • Retargeting capabilities
  • Proprietary and third-party data segments available
  • Real-time reporting available to aid optimization and performance
  • Expert support team always on hand to guide and aid self-serve clients
  • Valuable media buyer research tools, powered by WhatRunsWhere and Compete, are integrated into the system
  • Viewable Impressions feature available in the system and accredited to 3MS standard

Frequently Asked Questions

User Interface

Our platform is easy-to-use and intuitive, letting you focus on keeping campaigns running at their best possible levels

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